boy shooting on range
£20 per hour

Air rifle shooting in our safe custom built range

Use ropes and wood, lashings and knots to create a structure.

Wood campfire
inc. in fee

An ideal way to spend the evening, learn about safe fire starting and control.

Woolley Edge Trig

Woolley Edge is a perfect location for walking through the rural area along bridle ways and through woodlands.


We have a large open field perfect for field games like rounders.

teenager pulls back the archery bow
£20 per hour

A quiver and a bow and a lot of fun.

Boy throwing axe
£20 per hour

Hear the satisfying thud as metal hits wood as your axe makes it’s mark!

child climbing the wall
£20 per hour

The outside bouldering wall is super fun and built onto the cliff face with man-made handholds.

Crate Stacking child climbing
(Currently Unavailable)

With two builders and two belayers in your team, your task is to reach for the sky